MACBA presents a second concert organised in collaboration with the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC). Taking part, besides ESMUC’s Percussion group, is the quartet of improvisation GAO. The programme includes works by Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Anders Koppel, Philippe Manoury and Polo Vallejo.

In the first concert, on 12 January 2013, students in the final year of percussion played works by John Cage, Philippe Manoury, John Psathas and Steve Reich, for piano, marimbas, twin drums and vibraphone.

The Percussion group has existed since the beginning of ESMUC, when the need to offer a live and real experience of works for percussion, an expanding family of instruments, was felt with great enthusiasm. From the beginning, the group has opted for a diverse repertoire ranging from Steve Reich and Iannis Xenakis to John Cage.

The composers have participated in numerous concerts at the school’s concert hall, the Auditori of Barcelona, and in other cities in the country and abroad. The group has recently initiated a new collaboration with MACBA as a way of working closely with other artistic practices and fomenting creativity.

ESMUC's Percussion Concert , January 2013


Saturday 4 May 2013, 7 pm


Tocatta, 1990, Anders Koppel

Interlude (improvisation)

Le livre des claviers, 1988, Philippe Manoury

Interlude (improvisation)

Tactus, 2006, Polo Vallejo

Interlude (improvisation)

Toutes les 4', 2013, Jean-Luc Fafchamps

GAO Improvisation


ESMUC Percussion
Alexis Bourdon, Sabela Caridad, Rubén Orio, Miquel Vich

GAO, quartet of improvisation
Electronics: Nikolaj Kynde (electronics), Christina Kaser (base), Pedro González (violin), Rubén Orio (percussion)

Artistic coordination: Miquel Bernat

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