Thursdays 1, 8 and 15 September 2022

Who are parties for? Who organises them? Who can enjoy them?

The party as communal land is an open workshop where we will navigate the possibilities of alliances between queer-crip bodies. Over three meetings, a series of movement practices will be put to the participants that, through play with objects, costumes and masks specially developed for this workshop, will introduce us to the sensitivity of the festive and the sensual from a queer-crip perspective.

As part of these meetings, and in order to break down the barriers between processes and results, a group of interpreters will join the workshops, with whom the same actions are being developed to generate an event in September where the practices will take on a public character. This will generate a hybrid between the workshop and the practice.

During the meetings we will transform the work process carried out for the public event in September, into exercises and an exchange of information. To celebrate the invitation to the opening of the BAM 2022 music festival on Friday, 23 September on the Rambla del Raval, a new edition of “Diversorium. Living arts and a space for coexistence”, the intersectional party for all bodies, will be held. For the event, the artist invited by Antonio Centeno, Maria Oliver and Veronica Valentini (clients and mediator of the project respectively), Osías Yanov, has conceived a choreographic work inhabited by different beings in which spatial horizontality, the celebration of interdependence and the sensual are enabling a context in which the party and the enjoyment of it emerge as a public and political act. Simultaneity and exchange, traffic of friction and bodies, the consensual pleasure of touch among all those present.

We will try to get closer to the sensitivities inscribed in the body that extend and celebrate our interdependence.

Some insights from the workshop:

  • How do you get to a party?
  • Independent living with others
  • Dancing with your face
  • Mixes between practice and teaching
  • Dance kits
  • Exaggerating everything
  • Joy and pleasure as a premise
  • Forms of disobedience
  • Architectural orthopaedics


Osías Yanov

Diversorium. Diversorium. Living arts and a space for coexistence is organised by E.M.M.A. and Concomitentes, promoted by Fundación Carasso, and developed in conjunction with the Festival BAM.

Man hugging tree in The party as communal land by Osías Yanov


To register, please write a letter of motivation (200 words max.) to diversorium [at] concomitentes [dot] org before 26 August

It is aimed at a general, intergenerational public. No prior knowledge is required, all bodies are welcome!