Film series
Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of July, 2005

The MACBA is contributing to the Raval street festivals with this film series, Other Barcelonas, showing films by various different filmmakers which explore alternative identities of the city of Barcelona.

Joan Colom and Llorenç Soler's films take an acidic view of a Barcelona of 1960s urban development, substandard housing and social marginalisation, which the influx of immigrants from other parts of Spain were faced with.

Both the vision of Vídeo-Nou's films, and the documentary by Ventura Pons, reflect the opening up of the city during the 1970s, represented in Pons' documentary by the symbolic figure of the Andalusian painter José Pérez Ocaña, someone who came to represent the life of the Ramblas and the Plaza Real in the Barcelona of the late 1970s.

The season goes right up to the most recent social movements that have been seen in the city. The American photographer Alla Sekulla takes on precisely this theme as an active witness to the anti-globalization movement which began around the World Bank summit in Barcelona in June 2001.


FRIDAY JULY 15th at 8 pm

Joan Colom, El carrer (1960 30')
Llorenç Soler, Largo viaje hacia la ira (1969, 24')
Colectivo Cine de Clase, A la vuelta del grito (1978, 40')

SATURDAY JULY 16th from 5 pm

5 pm.
Video-Nou, Actuació d'Ocaña i Camilo (1977, 24')
Video-Nou, Ocaña. Exposició a la galeria MEC-MEC (1977, 35')

6 pm.
Ventura Pons, Ocaña, retrato intermitente (1978, 82')

8 pm.
Allan Sekula, Lottery of the Sea (2004, 180')