Carles Ameller, member of the Video-Nou group, talks about the work "Telediario Montesol-Onliyou"
Video-Nou "Telediario Montesol-Onliyou"
Thursday 16 July, from 10 am – available for 24 hours

Telediario Montesol-Onliyou (Montesol – Onliyou Newscast) 
Length: 8 min 44 s

Created in 1977 and active until 1983, Video-Nou (from 1979, Servei de Vídeo Comunitari) was a pioneering group in Spain that spearheaded the use of portable video equipment. Among other things, it wanted to be a news and activist alternative to the single television outlet (Spanish Television [TVE]). Made up of professionals from very diverse spheres, it promoted the use of video as a medium for communication and social, cultural and educational stimulation. Among its projects, Telediario Montesol – Onliyou is a parody of the television newscast format. It emulates the comedic and satirical language of the radio programme El show de Montesol y Onliyú (The Montesol and Onliyú Show) made by the journalist Javier Montesol and broadcast on Radio Juventud.

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It could be my bedroom (or something similar to it). Even the same technical characteristics: all the walls and volumes constructed in this module of raw canvas for painters to measure me and measure ourselves.
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