The historian Antoni Mercader talks about the work "TVE: primer intento" by the artist Muntadas
Muntadas "TVE: primer intento"
Muntadas "TVE: primer intento" Thursday 11 June, from 10 am – available for 24 hours

TVE: primer intento (TVE: First Try)
Length: 38 min 20 s

In 1988, the Spanish Television (TVE) programme Metrópolis proposed making a documentary about Muntadas and his work. In response, the artist offered to produce a film about TVE. Over a two-year period, he explored the television archives, where he found extensive footage about Spain’s recent history. The result was TVE: primer intento (TVE: First Try), consisting of TV footage of the past that had since physically deteriorated. On seeing the content, Metrópolis wanted nothing more to do with the commission and the programme was never aired. This was the origin of The File Room, a project about cultural censorship.

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