The artist Itziar Okariz talks about her work "Mear en espacios públicos o privados"
Itziar Okariz

Itziar Okariz
Mear en espacios públicos o privados (To Pee in Public and Private Spaces) 
Lenght: 9 min 40 s

Itziar Okariz’s activism revolves around language and the body as imposed ideological devices that shape our identity. In this series of actions performed from 2000 to 2004, the artist, dressed in black, urinated standing up – like men do – in different private and public spaces. The idea of repetition, as well as the symbolism of the places chosen, play an important role: 167 Greenpoint Landing, on Greenpoint Avenue, the luxurious Soho Grand Hotel, and the Brooklyn Bridge, in New York, or Zubi-Muxu square in the city of Irún (Basque Country).

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