‘I don’t write for an audience. I write for users, not readers.’ With this phrase Foucault defined his relationship with books, understood as ‘toolboxes’ that were made to be used, not learned and repeated. Following this premise, this course, designed for a general audience, aims to give access to the various philosophical, conceptual and political instruments and languages necessary for understanding current debates.

In each session, a contemporary thinker introduces us to a work from within, not as a specialist, but as critical ‘user’. Through their uses, different thinkers guide us in the reinterpretation of concepts whose critical decoding is essential for understanding contemporaneity: historical materialism, collage, desiring machines, biopolitics, the coloniality of power, writing, the unconscious, touch, perception, performativity, community and the commons. Participants come to this course to recycle their grammars and change their libraries: in short, to learn to use texts and mobilise ideas.


This course will be broadcasted in video streaming. You can follow it in this webpage.
MONDAYS 2, 9, 16 AND 23 FEBRUARY 2015, FROM 7 TO 9 pm
Venue: Meier Auditorium

Monday 2 February
Karl Marx read/used by Salvador López Arnal

Monday 9 February
Walter Benjamin read/used by César Rendueles (Spanish)

Monday 16 February
Maurice Merleau-Ponty read/used by Marina Garcés (Spanish)

Monday 23 February
Maurice Blanchot read/used by Valentín Roma (Spanish)

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