Lecture-performance by Del Lagrace Volcano related to the workshop Technologies of gender. Minority identities and their critical representations (MACBA, February-November 2004), directed by Beatriz Preciado.

Del Lagrace Volcano is a photographer, film director and queer activist. Mr. Volcano, who has no doubts in defining himself as a "gender terrorist" and "designer intersexual" is a pioneer of the representation of the body in mutation in contemporary culture and is likewise an agent and documentarian of the transformations of the "visible" produced by the micropolitics of identity. His representations of the body and sexuality interrogate binary classifications such as the masculine/feminine, homo/hetero. "Gender," affirms Del Lagrace Volcano, "is the last bastion of modern civilization...One of the few Titanics that still remain to be sunk at the shores of the new millennium."

His books include LoveBites (1991), The Drag King Book (1999) – in collaboration with Judith "Jack" Halberstam – and Sublime Mutations (2000).

More information on his work can be found at www.disgrace.dircon.co.uk


During the lecture the following shorts will be screened: The Passionate Spectator (2003), A Prodigal Son? (1998), and Pansexual Public Porn (1997).
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