Mondays, from 8 February to 28 June 2021

Nothing to see is intended to question the hegemony of the visual regime in contemporary art and investigate everything that, while not being an image, shapes them, produces them and makes them visible. Following the thread of that which would be a “mutation of photography” (in cinema, video and digital formats), the artist Mabel Palacín proposes a reflection and collective work on the invisible elements (context, narrative, date, sound, voice, etc.) that construct visual reality. There are no purely visible media; all media are mixed, with different percentages of gestural and sensorial components. As the workshop progresses, we will work on the role of sound in cinema as a primary element, the relationship of sound with space and therefore with architecture, and the concept of soundscape to build a sonorous landscape together.

Led by Mabel Palacín, artist.

Practical information:
  • Dates: from February 8 to June, 2021

  • Audience: people with visual impairments and the general public

  • When: Mondays, every two weeks, at 6:00 pm

  • Activity length: 90 min

  • Price: free with advance registration.

  • To participate in the group, please contact: educacio [at] macba [dot] cat

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"Nothing to See", 2019. Photo: Anna Fàbrega