Norwegian artist Morten J. Olsen and Rubén Patiño from Barcelona continue the legacy of Fluxus from a disciplined practice close to martial exercise and extreme gymnastics, with the same spontaneity with which their rave, techno and derivative structures embrace drum and computer music.

Often hidden behind mutant variations of their acronym, such as Natalia Martínez Ordoñez, Nassau Molasses Office and Navngitt Mønster Opptog, their works have been released on labels like Diagonal, Anomia, The Vinyl Factory and Death of Rave. In each work they unfold what they call ‘military space music and/or Fluxus techno’: extreme live drumming juxtaposed with sequences of SuperCollider in a somewhat unorthodox approach to club, based on seemingly repetitive patterns. In this performance at MACBA, N.M.O. takes the Cooper test to the language of club in a ‘multi-stage fitness set’ with strobe lights, until the body resists!

N.M.O. (Morten J. Olsen & Rubén Patiño) at Sonic Protest Festival 2016

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THURSDAY 6 JULY, at 8.30 pm
Exhibition Space, Convent dels Àngels
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