Until 17 July 2020

A sheet hammock, a mop tepee, an umbrella hut, a mattress cave… What’s your self-build? We want to take advantage of International Museum Day and this year’s theme Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion to throw you an invitation: send us pictures of your SELF-BUILDS and take part in the “Neighbourhood boys and girls” out-of-school workshop. Your pictures will be included in the project’s archive, and we will be able to put on a future activity with your cooperation.

We want you to be the stars of “Neighbourhood boys and girls”, a programme that seeks to work in community, to affect us through art and other people’s hopes and wishes, and to see how these small “impacts” can be transferred to the museum. 

Follow this link if you want to take part: https://forms.gle/T98xQSmuxnxFDTju9, and don’t forget to follow us! You’ll find us at #elsnensilesnenesdelbarri

Dibujos: Cristina Fraser
A single image can bear witness to the past and anticipate a foreseeable future.
Ignasi Aballí