Guided tour by Rosario Peiró, co-curator

Spero (Cleveland, Ohio, 1926) is a pioneer of feminist art and a key figure in the New York protest scene in the 1960s and 70s. With a career as an artist and activist that spans more than 50 years, Spero continues even today to be an example of engagement in our current political, social and cultural scene, which she always questions and defies. Nancy Spero began painting on canvas in the manner of a traditional male painter, but soon realised that this was an eminently masculine medium, and as such marginalised her as an artist. From then on, she devoted all her efforts to creating a specifically feminine pictorial language to provide women with their own space in which to explore their capacity to communicate. This space, in which canvas is eschewed in favour of fragile paper, is organised around a lexicon of transhistorical and transcultural figures, real and mythological, which, reworked time and again, unmask stereotypes and revolutionise categories and hierarchies.

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ACTIVITY ONLY FOR FRIENDS OF MACBA: Guided tour by Rosario Peiró, co-curator

Friday July 4, at 6 pm

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