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During the 1960's, music mixed with other emerging art forms like performance and the new poetic technologies. It was also imbued with new socio-political and genre meanings that were in sync with the revolutionary spirit of the era. During this decade sound events (as also happened with dramatic and plastic arts) would grow into a context of experimentation rather than finished works.

The series we present is focused precisely on this heritage from the avant-garde scene of the 1960's and on its validity for current creative processes. Therefore, two great figures from this scene will be present: Pauline Oliveros and Yasunao Tone, artists whose works have also been presented on Radio Web MACBA (RWM) and which form a part of the exhibition Possibility of action: The life of a music score.

These concerts form a part of the schedule of Barcelona's Grec 2008 Festival.

Coordinators: David Albet and Oriol Rossell

Yasunao Tone


Thursday 10, 17 and 24 July at 9 pm

10 July
Pauline Oliveros
(Houston, 1932)
Pioneer in the digital processing of acoustical instruments and in the study of new forms of listening.

17 July
Yasunao Tone
(Tokyo, 1935)
Crossover between digital technology and the historical avant-garde. His musical production is focused primarily on the technical and "poetic" possibilities of CD players and discs.

24 July

Homage to the heritage of the Fluxus collective. Fluxdelux's actuation will consist of a performance-anthology where a selection of Fluxus's actions will staged using the directions written by their original creators.

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