Performance by Erick Beltrán

El mundo explicado is the title of a curious encyclopaedia that is written and printed on a daily basis before the eyes of the viewer at the MACBA Documentation Center. A project conceived by the artist Erick Beltrán, the book is a compendium of theories about the world gathered by a team of interviewers on the street.

This project invites the public to participate and visitors can witness the creation of the encyclopaedia on the ground floor of the Documentation Centre. According to the artist, El mundo explicado consists of ‘research on the concept of edition, with a focus on the mechanisms that define, add value, organise, select, reproduce and distribute images to create political, economic and cultural discourse in contemporary society. The project investigates the way the concept of edition defines our world and the power relations among different groups.’


25–28 November
2–5 December
9–12 December
Open: 10:30–1:30 pm and 3:30–7 pm
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Son[i]a #170. Erick Beltrán