A living room. A pen. A kitchen. A stapler. An iron. A biscuit. A hairdryer. A funnel. Four posters. A mystery to be solved. This screening provides the context for the new piece that María Jerez will present as part of the Seccció Irregular programme at Mercat de les Flors on 9 May.

The film The Movie (2008, 55 min) is part of The Neverstarting Story project produced in collaboration with Cristina Blanco, Amaia Urra and Cuqui Jerez, who have worked with María Jerez on several occasions.

A movie by Maria Jerez in collaboration with Cristina Blanco, Amaia Urra and Cuqui Jerez. In collaboration with Secció Irregular, Mercat de les Flors Secció Irregular del Mercat de les Flors.

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The Movie, by María Jerez, at MACBA



María Jerez (Madrid, 1978) works mainly in Europe, in the fields of film, choreography, theatre, architecture and the visual arts. She is interested in limits. She has produced the works El caso del espectador (2004), This Side Up (2006) and La coartada perfecta (2011-2012), and has collaborated with Juan Domínguez, Gary Stevens and Jerôme Bel, among others. She is a former member of the working group El CLUB, and organises the Living Room Festival in Madrid. María Jerez was commissioned by the European Capital of Capital Linz 09 (Austria), CAMPO (Belgium) and VIA 2018 (Maastricht) to produce I Like to Move It Move It, Five People and The School Project respectively.

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