Film programme

This film programme reflects the legacy of modernity and its complex reception in contemporary artistic practices through a selection of audiovisual works by some of the artists included in Modernologies, as well as films directly related with certain works shown in the exhibition, thereby establishing a dialogue between them and the work of filmmakers belonging to the historical avant-gardes. In fact, in addition to being a complementary programme, it constitutes another section of the exhibition in auditorium format. It is organised into five sessions that reflect most of the exhibit's key concepts, such as those questions that define the European tradition of modernity in the domains of aesthetics and architecture, but also those of political theory and life.

Curator: Sabine Breitwieser

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Wednesday 30 September, 7, 14, 21 and 28 October at 7:30 pm

30 September
Architecture as Art, Art as Architecture

Gordon Matta-Clark, Splitting, 1974, no sound, 11 min
Isa Genzken, Chicago Drive, 1992, sound, 25 min
Manthia Diawara, Maison Tropicale, 2008, sound, 58 min

7 October
Geopolitics and Utopian Landscapes

Marine Hugonnier
Ariana, 2003, sound, 18 min
The Last Tour, 2004, sound, 14 min
Travelling Amazonia, 2006, sound, 24 min
Jean Vidal, Salut Casa!, 1952, sound, 33 min

14 October
Geometric abstractionism and Beyond

David Maljkovic, Images With Their Own Shadows, 2008, sound, 6 min 16 s
László Moholy-Nagy, Lichtspiel Schwarz Weiß Grau, 1930, no sound, 6 min
Armando Andrade Tudela
Untitled Film #2 (Espace Niemeyer and Infra Red Light), 2007, no sound, 9 min 51 s
Film #3 (4 Greys and 22 Transitions), 2008, no sound, 7 min 36 s
Oskar Fischinger, Wachsexperimente, 1921-1926, no sound, 9 min
Florian Pumhösl
Animated Map, 2005/2006, no sound, 4 min 32 s
OA 1979-3-5-036; after Take Hiratsugi, Gozen Hiinagata, 2007, no sound, 17 min
Percy Smith, Fight for the Dardanelles, 1915, no sound, 6 min 10 s
Falke Pisano, Lecture on Abstraction & Evil, 2005/2007, sound, 19 min 40 s

21 October
Interpreting the Modern House

Dorit Margreiter, 10104 Angelo View Drive, 2004, no sound, 6 min
Man Ray, Les mystères du château du dé, 1928, no sound, music by Erik Satie, 25 min
Ursula Mayer, Interiors, 2006, sound, 3 min 10 s
Florian Pumhösl, Programm, 2006, sound, 7 min 49 s
Hans Richter, Die Neue Wohnung, 1930, no sound, 28 min
Moira Hille, Chandigarh 1+2, 2008, sound, 22 min

28 October
Modern Life and After

Paul Wolff, Neues Bauen in Frankfurt am Main, (A new way of building in Frankfurt) 1928, no sound, 34 min
Rebecca Baron & Dorit Margreiter, Poverty Housing. Americus, Georgia, 2008, sound, 13 min 58 s
Gordon Matta-Clark, Conical Intersect, 1978, color, no sound, 18 min 40 s
Marina Gržinic / Aina Šmid, Postsocialism + Retroavantgarda + Irwin, 1997, sound, 22 min

Programme subject to last-minute changes.

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The Politics of Display and the Rewriting of the History of Modernism