This year, the main focus of the course is a reappraisal of the concept of modernity in the arts of the 20th century. Where does the concept of modernity as a central category of art since the 19th century come from and how is it generated? What implications does this idea have in the different arts: painting, music, theatre, architecture, cinema, photography..? How should the modern be defined? How can this concept be reinterpreted in the 20th century? What happens to modernity after modernity? These are some of the questions to which the course will seek to respond. In order to do this, it is basically structured as a review of developments throughout the 20th century up until the present moment, but from time to time turning its attention back to earlier periods in art.


Modern roots. Baudelaire and Mallarmé;
Antoni Marí. Professor of Theory of Art. Department of Humanities. Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Modernity and avant-garde
Simón Marchán Fiz. Professor of Aesthetics and essayist

What is modern cinema?
Santos Zunzunegui. Professor of Audio-visual Communication. Universidad del País Vasco

Critical theory from Adorno a Foucault Professor of Philosophy.
Miquel Morey. Universitat de Barcelona

Modern theatre: Artaud and Beckett Víctor Molina. Doctor of Philosophy. Profesor of the Institut del Teatre

Modern art: a definition
Josep Quetglas. Professor of the ETSAB. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Modern art in Spain
Valeriano Bozal. Professor of Contemporary Art. Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Music before and after Adorno I
Benet Casablancas. Composer. Doctor of Musicology

Barcelona and urbanistic modernity
Ramon Grau. Historian and co-ordinator of the Seminar of History of Barcelona of the ICUB

Music before and after Adorno II
Benet Casablancas. Composer. Doctor of Musicology

Andy Warhol and Pop art
Estrella de Diego. Department of Contemporary Art. Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Vision and modernity in the avant-garde cinema
Eugeni Bonet. Writer, curator and audio-visual producer

After postmodern architecture
Ignasi de Solà Morales. Architect

After modernity
Miquel Morey. Professor of Philosophy. Universitat de Barcelona.
Closing remarks: The painting of modern life
Timothy J. Clark. Department of Art History. University of California, Berkeley