El Forat de la Vergonya (The Hole of Shame) is the name given to a square in the neighbourhood of la Ribera inhabited by youngsters, dogs, children, local families, petty thieves and trendies, in other words, just about everybody. In the middle of the square is a vegetable garden where, for better or worse, the families who care for it and maintain it coexist with other users, such as undocumented Moroccan teenagers for whom the garden is an oasis in which to eat and even spend the night. Orphans, dispossessed by countries that do not want them back and a country that does not want to keep them. What happened in the past at the CCCB is happening today in the Hole of Shame.

After meeting at the entrance to the CCCB, we will make a pilgrimage to the Hortet del Forat de la Vergonya (Carrer dels Metges, 23) to meet José Carlos Bouso, a psycho-pharmacologist specialising in Amazonian remedies, who will introduce us to the use of Amazonian plants, especially the ayahuasca. We will bring the energy of the CCCB tarot reading to the garden, perform a shamanic ritual and envision a possible energetic healing of the Hortet.

Coordinated by Christina Schultz

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Photo: Christina Schultz


WEDNESDAY 27 MARCH, at 6:30 pm
Venue: CCCB, outdoor patio, Carrer de Montalegre, 5, El Raval
Admission: free. Advance booking required
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