Imatge de nens fents manualitats

These tentacles that are inserted directly into the pulse of our heart, extremities that take us beyond ourselves, the hands that connect us with the most every day and the most cosmic. We invoke hands as an entrance portal, as an intertwining, as exploration, as a question, as an invitation.

In this season 2021-2022, curated by Itxaso Corral Arrieta, we will place our hands into unexpected masses and materials; into intuition and poetry; space, sound and vibration; into the movement of water in our bodies. Joined by several artists who have artistic sensorality at the centre of their research, our hands will take us on an adventure exploring different possibilities of listening and tactile connections.

We will do things with our hands because they do not end at the wrists; they connect with all our tissues, and they reach our feet. These vibrating finger-filled sensors have a lot to tell us about ways in which we can learn together.

Curated and coordinated by Itxaso Corral Arrieta, performative artist, researcher and educator.

For Families, that “comfortable feeling” that comes from the pleasure of just spending time together and sharing in the simplest way. At the MACBA’s for Families programme, we offer you spaces/times with that “comfortable feeling”, in which to try out new and unexpected forms of relating and supporting each other. These are proposals that invite us to put our roles into motion, practicing other rhythms, developing other forms of understanding, learning and collective creation at the museum. Artistic and educational exploration for all ages, expanded families, friends and diverse companions, because we believe that these times of multiple cohabitations are essential for the construction of new imaginaries and new connections. We support proposals from artists that allow us to think with our bodies, touch words, converse with objects and listen to the space around us. They are always explorations in which to share curiosity and develop new connections and listening, within a living museum in movement. We do not focus on the final result, but rather on the possibility of sharing every little wonder that we discover at each step along the way.


Sello de Calidad del Consejo de Innovación Pedagógica (CIP)