The guided tour of the MACBA Collection by Carles Guerra, Chief Curator of MACBA, and Antònia Maria Perelló, curator and Head of the MACBA Collection, offers a three-part overview of the relationships that have developed over time between artistic practice and the urban condition. The first section follows the trail of the architect Le Corbusier and the writer Jean Genet in their visits to Barcelona in the early thirties, when each on them imposed their critical vision onto the streets of the city. The core of the exhibition is the Portfolio Office Baroque, forty-six works that testify to the ephemeral interventions of Gordon Matta-Clark in the last six years of his life, and that were recently deposited with MACBA by Harold Berg as a long term loan; the exhibition also includes drawings from the Sky Hooks (1978) series, recently acquired by the MACBA Foundation. The final section focuses on Roberto Rossellini’s film, which captures the first few days of activity at the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the way visitors responded to this new cultural facility.

Anthony McCall "Line Describing a Cone", 1973


Wednesday 27 June, at 6.30 pm
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Guided tour to the MACBA Collection. Le Corbusier and Jean Genet in the Raval / Gordon Matta-Clark. Portfolio Office Baroque / Roberto Rossellini. Filming Beaubourg
Reconstructing Office Baroque
Mesa redonda La utopia es posible. ICSID. Ibiza, 1971
Visita comentada a l'exposició "La utopia és possible. ICSID. Eivissa, 1971"
Son[i]a #158.