Lorena Álvarez returns to the use of choral singing in the tradition of popular music with a choir of amateur singers without prior experience. She shares the emotion of singing and the collective purging of individual states of mind, this time accompanied by the Coral Bistuer.

She compensates for the feeling of unease that comes through in some of her new songs with her usual northern charm. Songs like ‘Maldigo del alto cielo’ by Violeta Parra and ‘Quise dormir y no podía’ by Carmen Amaya are examples of inspiring precedents. The power comes from the stories that unfold before us through a primordial imaginary (escape, the fall, the storm…) that is revived in every strum of the guitar, every chorus, and every note of a jumping lute that does as it pleases.

Main sponsor of the activities:
Estrella Damm
Lorena Àlvarez y la Coral Bistuer



Venue: Atrium
Admission: 5 €. Free with Passi card and for Friends of MACBA
Booking not required. Limited capacity

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Tel: 93 481 79 25



Gold does not take on any dirt. And gold, just are diamonds, is an exalted material. It possesses such a degree of abstraction that it encounters you –if you use it artistically– on an already exalted level.
James Lee Byars