As with social protests against cuts that use scissors as a symbol, Llobet & Pons will present a symbolic action using that same object, through a collective experience that directly affects the hair of the participants. This ritual physically involves people, inviting us to reflect on the consequences of our actions and the domino effect. When, with these same scissors, governments make cuts in culture and education, the consequences affect not only those immediate involved (schools, teachers, students ...) but, since they are the basic pillars of society, they end up affecting the entire system.

In a reciprocal system the elements are interrelated and an action creates reactions in all the interdependent parts, to the extent that this can generate a chain reaction. Llobet & Pons will present a performance by a group of hairdressers, positioned in a row and forming a circle. Each cuts the hair of the one in front while the one behind cuts his/hers, closing a reciprocal circle.

The remains of the performance (a circle of hair on the floor) will be exhibited to the public: a fragile sculpture that will soon lose its shape. Visitors will tread on the circle, cause drafts of air or carry away hairs on the soles of their shoes, thus contributing to the dematerialisation of the work until it disappears completely.
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