Avantgarde art and mass culture in Europe in the 1960s
Directed by Jesús Carrillo

The aim of the course is to consider a redefinition of the borders between avantgarde art and mass culture in Europe in the sixties from different points of view.
First, from an analysis of the transformations that took place in European visual culture after the Second World War, including the Cold War, decolonisation, the process of economic reconstruction, the new leadership of the United States and the boom of consumerism and mass media. Second, from an analysis of the internal debates within the world of European art in the sixties: the crisis of the poetics of Informalism, the adoption of the means of media reproduction as a field of operations and the return to a critical attitude to social reality.


Thursday 13 March
What makes today's homes so different, so attractive? The new aesthetic of abundance in post-war Europe.

Friday 14 March
Against Informalism: anti-art movements in Europe in the sixties.

Thursday 20 March
The new realisms: appropriation and irony in the French "New Realism", the London "Independent Group" and German "Capitalist Realism".

Friday 21 March
Pop Art in the late Franco period. Equip 57, Estampa Popular, Equip Crònica, Eduardo Arroyo.