Children's film series

Over four sessions, The Rules of the Game explores the world of children from the perspective of play, fun, games and the learning of its rules as a way of perceiving reality and becoming part of it. The program aims to awaken and revive the joy of children and adults in perceiving the world and their pleasure in images that offer a different reading of everyday life.

From avant-garde cinema to video art classics, the program offers a broad visual overview that also encompasses recent works, and creates a dialogue between different genres and formats, classics and contemporary films. The films in the program don't just feature children, but also portray the filmmaker's reflections on motherhood/fatherhood and their own childhoods, or use play as an artistic strategy and an approach to life.

The first session, So What Do You See? offers a critical and poetic look at school years, the time when knowledge is accumulated and social and ethical values are internalised, with films that reflect on the formation of visual and cinematic sensibility. This is followed by Games Zone, something of a metaphor for recess at school, which interrupts classes and offers a different level of relating to the world: the time when other worlds are created and rules are turned upside down. The ludic nature of the world refers to this way of discovering one's surroundings and learning about them, either humorously or through contemplation. The third and fourth sessions focus on family and personal life, on the relationship between parents and children and the importance of the transmission of values, emotions and models of behaviour. Fathers, mothers, action! reflects on the parameters of freedom and protection that define parent-child relationships through films in which artists use their own children and family lives in their creative work, and show how it is influenced by their vision of and through the eyes of their children. This is also the focus of Pirates in the Kitchen, Marbles in the Hallway, the final session dedicated to Israeli artist Guy Ben-Ner. In his films, Ben-Ner recreates classics from literature (Moby Dick) and film (L'enfant sauvage, Truffaut) in the family home using everyday objects, connecting the artist and his two children through a mix of education, learning, play and art.

Program by Maria Morata
Consultant: Carolina López Caballero

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Hans Hemmert "Linda and the Funky Boys Shame on You", 1998


Saturday October 3

Teaching the Alphabet, Volker Schreiner
2007, 3 min 34 s, no dialogue

Notebook, Evelien Lohbeck
2008, 5 min, no dialogue

Summer Lightnings, Victor Alimpiev
2004, 2 min 20 s, no dialogue

Fiction follows Form, Julia Oschatz
2008, 3 min, no dialogue

En rachâchant, Jean-Marie Straub/Danièle Huillet
1982, 7 min, dialogue in French

Canon, Norman McLaren
1964, 13 min 38 s

You made me love you, Miranda Pennell
2005, 3 min 36 s

Neighbours, Norman McLaren
1952, 8 min, no dialogue

Counter, Volker Schreiner
2004, 6 min 30 s

Saturday October 10
GAMES ZONE (56 min)

Super Smile, Effie Wu
2007, 4 min 48 s, no dialogue

Stomach Song, William Wegman
1970-1971, 1 min 20 s, no dialogue

Dog Duet, William Wegman
1975-1976, 2 min 38 s, no dialogue

Milk of Amnesia, Jeffrey Scher
1992, 6 min, no dialogue

La - Lu, Józef Robakowski
1985, 1 min 39 s

My Foot Hurts, Józef Robakowski
1990, 2 min 44 s

Los chicos, Éléonore de Montesquiou
2006, 5 min, no dialogue

Verschwinden, Simone Häckel
2008, 6 min 20 s

Blue Moon, Bjørn Melhus
1997, 4 min, no dialogue

Lowrider Bellydance, Nevin Adalag
2004, 3 min 30 s

Hans Hemmert and Linda and the Funky Boys Shame on You, Hans Hemmert
1998, 4 min 32 s, no dialogue

Notes on the Circus, Jonas Mekas
1966, 12 min

Utrechter Hütte (Utrecht Hut), Franz Höfner
2002, 3 min, no dialogue

Saturday October 17

Entwicklung mit Julia (Wrapping with Julia), Ulrike Rosenbach
1973, 5 min, no dialogue

Alpsee, Matthias Müller
1994, 15 min

10,000 Frames, Maria Marshall
2003, 6 min 40 s, no dialogue

My Name is Oona, Gunvor Nelson
1969, 9 min

Nero, Christoph Girardet
2006, 2 min 35 s, no dialogue

Kings of the Hill, Yael Bartana
7 min 30 s, no dialogue

An Avant-Garde HomeMovie, Stan Brakhage
1961, 4 min, no dialogue

Familie Tezcan (Tezcan Family), Nevin Aladag
2001, 6 min 40 s

Saturday October 24

Moby Dick
Israel, 2000, 12 min 30 s, no dialogue

House Hold
2001, 22 min 30 s, no dialogue

Wild Boy
Israel, 2004, 17 min, no dialogue

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