Friday 2 December 2022 and Wednesday 31 May 2023

The programme Let’s talk about... generates discussions on the Museum’s exhibitions between the different agents and artists in the city and our regular public. It is a meeting point that regards exhibitions as powerful devices capable of activating the imagination and generators of discourses that often go beyond the preconceived readings of the institution or the curatorial team.

"Josep Grau-Garriga: Dialogue with Light" exhibition view


Exhibition views of "Josep Grau-Garriga: Dialogue with Light"

Let’s talk about… Josep Grau-Garriga’s environments

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Within the context of MACBA’s research around Josep Grau-Garriga’s environments, exhibited at the Torre del Museu, we will host a talk with Josep Amorós and Maribel Vidal-Quadras, both of whom participated in a number of these collaborative creations developed by the artist in many diverse locations throughout the world.

Pieces of red fabric hanging from the ceiling in an art room

Let’s talk about... Josep Grau-Garriga

Textiles as an artistic element depository of emotional content
Friday December 2, 2022

Coinciding with the inauguration of the presentation of Josep Grau-Garriga. Dialogue of light, Joël Andrianomearisoa talks with Esther Grau, Grau-Garriga’s daughter, about the meaning and space in which textiles are used in the work of both artists.

The use of this medium in contemporary art has very diverse intentions, starting points, formulations, contents and results, and this use can be interpreted and analysed from different perspectives. The textile element however, always contains a sensory aspect that connects with the living experience.

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