The programme Let’s talk about generates discussions on the Museum’s exhibitions between the different agents and artists in the city and our regular public. It is a meeting point that regards exhibitions as powerful devices capable of activating the imagination and generators of discourses that often go beyond the preconceived readings of the institution or the curatorial team.
Foto: Miquel Coll


A Short Century: MACBA Collection
20 October: Let’s talk about the city in the Collection with Domènec, artist. Within the framework of Ciutat oberta. Biennal del pensament.
3 November: Let’s talk about La Lutte continue. The revolts of May ‘68 in the Collection with Antònia M. Perelló, Head of the Collection
29 December: Let’s talk about Hydra Decapita with Tania Safura Adam, music producer and Beatriz Leal Riesco, curator

In the Open or in Stealth
10 November: Let’s talk about In the Open or in Stealth with Hiuwai Chu, MACBA Exhibitions Curator
15 December: Let’s talk about doing and undoing the intimate and participative science of In the Open or in Stealth with Josep Perelló, physicist, professor at the UB and Head of OpenSystemsUB

AIDS Anarchive
17 November: Let’s talk about AIDS with Equipo re (Aimar Arriola, Nancy Garín and Linda Valdés), curators of the exhibition

Jaume Plensa
► 1 December: Let’s talk about Jaume Plensa with Ferran Barenblit, curator of the exhibition

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Let’s talk about the city in the Collection with Domènec
Let's talk about... AIDS with Equipo Re
Let’s talk about 'In the Open or in Stealth' with Hiuwai Chu