Thursdays, 10 and 17 February, 3 March and 12 May 2022

Repair Manuals and Cosmic Sounds is an expanded exhibition proposal that looks to the past to find experimental and collective forms of self-publishing. Besides printed publications, the exhibition also includes sound editions. So, the programme Let’s talk about... is thus transformed into Let’s sound with... to approach the exhibition from a perspective of listening, in a vindication of music as a catalyst.

A journey that begins through the lo-fi sound of h waas, with guitar ambiences, multiple layers of textures and choral harmonies. It continues with Draft, in an almost a spoken and sound manifesto of all the music that passes through them as a collective. It closes with soundscapes that show us Molero’s tropical fictions, accompanied, on this occasion, by Aina Climent’s visuals. And it ends with the atmospheric polyrhythms of the Colombian Verraco.

A sound invitation to enter this exhibition from different sound perspectives.

Repair Manuals and Cosmic Sounds


Let’s sound... with Verraco

Let’s sound with... Verraco

Thursday, 12 May 2022

Verraco is a Colombian exponent of Latin American braindance. Tired of the lack of sonic plurality in his home city, Medellín, he co-founded Insurgentes and TraTraTrax, labels that have become key platforms for sonic hustlers creating records that range from atmospheric sounds for the mind to breaks and dembow for the arses. He is amplifying Latinx artists and expanding towards a philosophy they have called mestizo–futurism, one that meshes techno, South West England’s legacy, and traditional rhythms of his region.

In 2020 the Colombian artist released his debut album, Grial. Reviews and journalists have described it as “Colombian electronica of the highest order. A bold, colorful and inventive statement of polyrhythmic beat-making and lush atmospheres” and “a cue from the well-known legends of this style, but makes it his own with subtle details and an outsider mentality. Elements of IDM, D&B, ambient and techno collide on Grial.” In 2021 he participated in the 30th-anniversary compilation of the Berlin institution Tresor. His dynamic and diverse DJ set blends techno, bass, breaks and dembow with surgical intensity.

Alexander Molero

Let’s sound... with Molero

Thursday, 3 March 2022

In his work Ficciones del Trópico, Molero was inspired by the works of Victor Segalen and the visions of Werner Herzog in Fitzcarraldo and Aguirre, The Wrath of God to create soundscapes that portray those ideals that were documented by romantic explorers in search of ‘new worlds’, crossing the jungle of South America, exploring the unknown and evoking utopia.

Born in Maracaibo (Venezuela), Alexander Molero has lived in Barcelona for a number of years. This has led him to reflect on the West’s imaginary of the Amazon. Molero’s tropical fiction is like diving into the sea with Jürgen Müller, exploring Alpha Centauri with Tangerine Dream or creating new exotica through Mike Cooper’s lens.

Draft collective

Let’s sound... with Draft

Thursday, 17 Febuary 2022

Draft came out of a meeting of various friends with different tastes and musical backgrounds who were trying to bring to Barcelona artists who were too small, experimental or underground to be included in the regular programmes of the city’s clubs. This activation will reveal the diversity of their trajectories and musical experiences through their common interests: DIY, underground and the search for originality.

By Draft, music collective.

Helga Juárez

Let’s sound... with h waas

Thursday, 10 February 2022

Through ambient guitar, multiple layers of textures and vocal harmonies, h waas music transports the listener to ethereal landscapes full of intuitions and emotions, inspired by nature and the search for beauty.

h waas (Helga Juárez) is a musician and visual artist. She began studying piano and accordion at the age of six, but soon left the conservatory to experiment with music in a self-taught way, both with turntables and with drums and synthesisers. Juárez was involved for a long time with different musical projects belonging to Barcelona’s underground scene. In 2015, she decided to found her own project, h waas. Parallel to music, she also runs graphic and audiovisual projects from a non-narrative, intuitive perspective and with an abstract aesthetic. She is currently responsible for the El Lago music programme at Dublab Bcn.

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