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Gràcia Territori Sonor and the MACBA renew their collaboration during the LEM International Festival with a series of three interventions that seek to trace out a cartography of experimental sound creation based upon the contributions of its main pioneers in Spain and France. An opportunity to discover or revisit the work of artists who form part of the recent history of these musics. In Spain Llorenç Barber and Eduardo Polonio are unavoidable names, given their important contributions to the areas of orchestration, sound poetry and electro-acoustics respectively. Likewise, Lieutenant Caramel and Pacific 231 are longstanding French artistes of great prestige, with exacting and relevant incursions into the areas of acousmatics, industrial music and ambient music.

Curated and produced in collaboration with Gràcia Territori Sonor

Co-produced with:
Gràcia Territori Sonor
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Fridays October 3, 10 and 17, at 10 pm

Llorenç Barber

Campanology, multifocal music, improvisation… there is something unique about the territories that Llorenç Barber explores in his work, a telluric ritualism so influenced by John Cage as by his relatioship with JAZ collective, and that can penetrate hallowed public spaces but just as easily transform itself subtly to adapt to more domestic (but not domesticated) circumstances. Barber will open this year's program featuring pioneers at the MACBA introducing Barberidades, a miscelaneous show, an outrageous compendium of his work where he combines phonetic pieces, little campanological orgies, fliying themes and another ones of deep sediment.

Pacific 231 + Lieutenant Caramel

From hunting for sounds to industrialism, ethnic re-readings and improvisation, the double bill of Pierre Jolivet (Pacific 231) and Philippe Blanchard (Lt. Caramel) together at the MACBA promises to crystalise the most fascinating episodes in French experimental music in recent years. Jolivet was a paid-up member of french factions of industriaslism. Meanwhile, Blanchard, who was part of the legendary Dernier du Culte, uses the elemental sounds he captures on his journeys to create the matrix of a new meticulously acousmatic project. Magnetic on their own, just imagine them together on stage in Message pour l'enfer...

Eduardo Polonio

Third and last episode of this impressive representation of experimental scene pioneers that the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona hosts in the context of LEM. And if we're talking about Spanish maestros, there's no going past Eduardo Polonio. At the forefront of electroacoustic music for most of the past four decades, Polonio is a multifaceted artist who has worked with visual artists of the stature of Eugeni Bonet and Ferran Garcia Sevilla and taken part in historic projects like Multimúsica , as well as helping to make electroacoustic music known in the academic world. Whether you are discovering him for the first time or coming back for more, this show is sure to wet your appetite. Not to be missed.

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AVANT #2. Llorenç Barber. Part I
AVANT #2. Llorenç Barber. Part II
AVANT #6. Eduardo Polonio. Part I
AVANT #6. Eduardo Polonio. Part II