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This year's LEM Festival activities will pass through the MACBA. Each night will be dynamically different but complimentary to the whole. The idea is to discover Sonorous Universes from different times and spaces: Sons of Bronson's morbid and industrial roughness, Barbara Morgenstern's dreamy futurist pop, the State-sponsored creation interpreted by three of the city's record companies (Bankrobber, Spa RK and Houston Party present their new works by Guillamino, .tape. and Sesam-o), and the incontestable sonorous plots of one of the fundamental women in the history of contemporary experimental music: Eliane Radigue.

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Gràcia Territori Sonor
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FRIDAY 6 OCTOBER, at 10 pm.
Eliane Radigue (France)

Michel Chion says on her music that it is "infinitely discreet compared to any of those other types of music that seem to be tugging at your sleeve to attract your attention". Radigue worked with Pierre Shaeffer and Pierre Henry, and she's a pioneer in Europe of the use of sound as an engulfing stream in constant motion, closer to the repetitive American school than the European electro-acoustic one, and influenced by Eastern spirituality. Eliane Radigue's music has the fascinating capacity of changing without our being aware of the change. She's grande doyenne of electronic music. Presents L'île re-sonante. Essential.

FRIDAY 13 OCTOBER, at 10 pm.
Barbara Morgenstern (Germany)

The elegance of minimal expression; the meeting of piano, voice and electronics. Touching melodies, reflections on global culture, the stages of happiness or the ages of life, or why it always seems to us that the grass is greener on the other side of the street, short stories, travel journals, fieldwork sketches... Barbara Morgenstern, who has released nine titles since 1998, captivated the world with Nichts Muss (Monica Ent. 2003) and embarked on a lengthy world tour, which ended happily with the beautiful album The Grass is Always Greener (2006). In this concert we'll have the privilege of witnessing the moment of brilliant creative maturity that this very special composer is living. Don't miss it: it heals.

FRIDAY 20 OCTOBER, at 10 pm.
.tape. / Sesam-o / Guillamino 10 pm. .tape. (Oviedo)

Tonight we present three independent record labels based in Barcelona and with an English name, very clear ideas and catalogues created with love. First turn is taken by spa.rk. The artist: Daniel Romero, a musician from Asturias who, under the name of .tape., creates crystal clear music, of rare beauty, introspective and serene. Toy-like electronica, acoustic instruments, voices singing to themselves over repeating bass lines… .tape. has already released three CDs (the latest of them licensed in Japan).

10.45 pm. Sesam-o (Sitges)

The label Houston Party numbers amongst its projects one in which neither is the music simply a soundtrack nor do the images function merely illustratively, that's to say, a truly audio-visual project: Sesam-o, consisting of Jordi Moncho, Ferrán Vilanova, David Curto and Ignasi Corella: three musicians and a video artist who conceive the compositional process as a joint sound-vision creation, which they take on stage in all its complexity. On this occasion, they'll present their latest work, Abscience.

11.30 pm. Guillamino (Barcelona)

BankRobber is to blame for the appearance of Guillamino's new CD, Somnis de llop, as is clearly stated in his press release. It also explains that his first album, 1 dia, was released in 2003. That year's LEM brochure reads: "Guillamino has entered another dimension, probably unique, from which in only a few months he has attracted the attention of many people". And, further on, it defined his music as a trip "from Soul to Sardana" (Catalan traditional dance). Well, three years later, Guillamino rules that dimension and Soul and Sardana has transfigured into a unique style: his own. Guillamino returns to LEM.

FRIDAY 27 OCTOBER, at 10 pm.
Sons of Bronson (Barcelona)

The Mano Dura label has its best asset in Sons of Bronson and their "slap-in-the-face" of sound. Toni López and Jesús Brotons, members of the sound projects Bukkake and Música Veneno, as well as music journalists, paid tribute to Charles Bronson (of course), Richard Widmark and James Woods, by starting this project in 2001. But it wasn't until the release of the tremendous cd Niñas y Marisco (2006) that the city fell at their feet and their few concerts of sickly industrial wrinkliness, their sonic pillage and their free-death-ambient plunderphony have exalted everyone with the clear statement that there's been enough whingeing and now it's time for some action.

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