Concerts program with Gabriele Hasler and Larry Karush

The new auditorium of MACBA opened its doors the last days of 2004. During the first half of this year, the museum has consolidated a very solid programme of cinema and audiovisuals, understanding that logic that says cinema has been a fundamental part of the artistic culture of 20th century (and obviously, that goes on this 21st).

Since this summer and until 2006, the museum wants to consolidate a music programme, too. In fact, since the exhibition "Procesos sónicos" (summer 2002) MACBA is showing the changes these last years are transforming the previous relation between high and popular culture. Also, there has been an irruption of the sound inside the space of the museum. That's the context where MACBA starts now a collaboration with Gràcia Territori Sonor. This alliance will give outcomes very soon, with one show this July and two in October. Those shows are part of the LEM Festival. The intention is to continue this collaboration in the future, because MACBA wants to give to contemporary experimental music, progressively, a stronger atention.

The International Festival of Experimental Music LEM (organised by Gràcia Territori Sonor) arrives this year to its ninth edition en 2005. One of the novelties of this edition it's the collaboration with MACBA, that will make possible the co-organisation of diferent sonic events until the end of this year, including the celebration of some of the shows of the festival in the Auditorium of the Museum.

Co-produced with:
Gràcia Territori Sonor
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TUESDAY 18 OCTOBER, at 8 pm.
Gabriele Hasler. Flow

The intervention on popular contemporary musical languages by means of experimental and sound poetry tactics has lead German singer and composer Gabriele Hasler to build a musical universe as vast as it is suggesting, through which, by using the voice, its electronic manipulation and other sound objects, she proposes a journey hard to resist. A sound immersion that has its highest peak in her recent work, Flow, which will be the subject of this concert. Flow is an exciting and rich vocal music piece, that Hasler builds using both traditional vocal techniques and electronic manipulation of the voice in real time. We are in the presence of a creator of a long career, who has worked alongside Lindsay Cooper, Jaap Blonk, Gunter Hampel and Louis Sclavis, among others, and has developed a personal language as powerful as it is emotional.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25, at 8 pm:
Larry Karush

The American Larry Karush creates a "visionary synthesis" of jazz rhythmic and improvisational nature, scales and ornamentation of north of India's classical music, Afro-Caribbean rhythmic and Western contemporary music. His improvisation-compositions conform a sound journey able to make us walk naturally and imperceptibly from one musical field another, with a unique logic, of his own and obtained after a long career where we find him alongside John Abercrombie, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Glen Moore or Glen Velez, over which Erik Satie, Bud Powell, baroque, raga and blues are floating. Karush works on the energy like an architect deciding the ending of the building when it claims for it, his music grows spiralling and reaches its total sense in the arms of its quest, at the border of the precipice, in a point of no return to the listener and we share the discovery. Two pieces will take over this concert: India and The Wheel.