Eulàlia Grau's work makes for uncomfortable reading for the society around it, being a form of political intervention on the context and ideological framework that supports it: one that exposes both the tricks and contradictions. Coinciding with the presentation of Eulàlia's work in the exhibition I Have Never Painted Golden Angels, MACBA invites you to reflect on some of the issues raised by the work. Miguel Morey proposes a political reflection on our 'consumerist society' and Santiago López Petit considers the viability of a critical practice based on the denunciation of its time.

Eulàlia Grau "Cigarreta (Etnografia)", 1973


Thursday 28 February, at 5 pm

5 pm El cielo prometido (Promised Heaven)
Lecture by Miguel Morey

6 pm En el corazón de lo insoluble (At the Heart of the Insoluble)
Lecture by Santiago López Petit

7 pm Break

7.30 pm Round table with the participation of Miguel Morey, Santiago López Petit and Teresa Grandas, Keeper at MACBA and curator of the exhibition.

Miguel Morey Farré Born in Barcelona, 1950.
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Universitat de Barcelona and translator of Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Giorgio Colli and Pascal Quignard, among others. Main publications: Lectura de Foucault, Madrid l983; Camino de Santiago, Madrid 1987; Nietzsche, una biografía, Barcelona 1993; Deseo de ser piel roja (XXII Prize Anagrama de Ensayo), Barcelona 1994; Pequeñas doctrinas de la soledad, México/Madrid 2007; Hotel Finisterre, Barcelona 2011.

Santiago López Petit Born in Barcelona, 1950.
Professor of Philosophy at Universitat de Barcelona. He was an active supporter of workers' autonomy during the 1960s. Worked as a chemist in a glass factory reclaimed by the workers, and took part in many social resistance movements following the crisis of the working class. He continues in the tradition of May '68 in France and Italian heterodox Marxism. His philosophy is a radical critique of the present. In his work he pursues an ontological and existentialist formulation of the will to live. He is one of the creators of Espai en Blanc ( and initiatives such as Dinero Gratis. He has taken part in films such as El taxista Ful and Autonomía Obrera. He has published the following books: Entre el Ser y el Poder. Una apuesta por el querer vivir (Madrid 1994); Horror Vacui. La Travesía de la Noche del Siglo (Madrid 1996); El infinito y la nada. El querer vivir como desafío (Barcelona 2003); Amar y pensar. El odio del querer vivir (Barcelona 2005); El Estado-guerra (Hondarribia 2003); La movilización global. Breve tratado para atacar la realidad (Madrid, 2009). His books have been translated into several languages.

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