On the occasion of the exhibition God Bless America!, Martha Rosler will give a lecture in which she will examine, from her particular critical position and feminist perspective, the role of documentary work in the present era of post-truth. As well as offering an in-depth analysis of the myths and realities of patriarchal culture, Rosler's work expresses with imperturbable irony a critique of the socioeconomic realities and political ideologies that dominate our daily life.

After the lecture, Rosler will be in conversation with Tanya Barson, curator of the exhibition at MACBA, to be followed by an open discussion with the public.

MACBA Collection. Martha Rosler: God Bless America! focuses on the artist’s video production through eleven works from the seventies to 2006.

Martha Rosler "Born to be sold: Martha Rosler reads the strange case of Baby S/M", 1988


TUESDAY 26 DE SEPTEMBER 2017, 7.30 pm
Meier Auditorium
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Son[i]a #253. Martha Rosler