Published by Eumo Editorial and Café Central ("Jardins de Samarcanda" collection)

With a working method based on improvisation, paradox and creative freedom, Rossell's poetry moves through a microworld of characters – types and countertypes that could just as easily be Lacan, de Kooning or Cage, as the bogeyman or a tango dancer –, which reveal fundamental, absurd or conceptual stories pervaded by a language made out of popular expressions and the vocabulary of western Catalonia.

In this book, readers will find formal poems written in Italian, dialogues with nobody and paratheatrical micropieces; a whole gestural repertoire that draws us near to the mystery of poetry:

El cor no l'ha vist mai ningú
Com la ratlla del cul
Els espills mai no donen la cara

The book launch will feature micro-presentations by: Juan Antonio Masoliver, Carles Andreu, Joaquim Sala-Sanahuja, Sonia Hernández, Teresa Grandas, Josep-Ramon Bach, Joaquim Pibernat, Andreu Clapés, Matthew Tree, Carles Maria Sanuy, Yamamoto, Lilyana Petrova, André Chêdas, Antoni Clapés, and etcètera, among others.


Tuesday October 26 at 7.30 pm
MACBA Public Programs
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