Public Photographic Spaces. Propaganda Exhibitions, from Pressa to The Family of Man, 1928-1955.
This monographic book, ground-breaking in its genre, will be officially launched by the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) at the Raval branch of La Central. The book focuses on photography's role as propaganda during the fundamental part of the 20th Century, stretching from the birth of the modern illustrated press in the twenties to the decline of photography's hegemony as a communications medium in the mid-fifties, just before the birth of television. The book traces a course through a series of key exhibitions of the time, and brings together thirty texts (most of which had never been translated into Catalan or Spanish, and were hard to find in other languages) by influential authors of the time including El Lissitzky, Herbert Bayer, Edward Steichen and Roland Barthes, among others. It is published in three versions: Catalan, Spanish and English
The book will be launched by Antonio Ramírez, director of La Central, Bartomeu Marí, director of the MACBA, and Jorge Ribalta, editor of the book and author of the introductory text.

Public Photographic Spaces. Propaganda Exhibitions from Pressa to The Family of Man, 1928-55


Tuesday April 7 at 7pm.