Kill Fear is an act of social speech conceived as an extension of the Oral Museum of the Revolution beyond the limits of the MACBA building: five people will read a selection of manifestos from balconies at three strategic points in the Raval. The purpose is to build through a poetic-political act a supportive relationship between artists, cultural agents and local residents, in a gesture of resistance to police violence and the politics of sexual and racial surveillance.

Readers: Pedro Costa, Nadia Granados ‘La Fulminante’, Kika, Helen Torres, Aimar Pérez Galí, Diana Moreno.
Coordination: Veronica Lahitte
Itinerary: Plaça dels Àngels, carrer Lléo, La Bata (Robadors, 23), carrer Aurora.

MACBA. Foto: Rafael Vargas


5 DECEMBER, AT 9.30 pm
Outside Capella MACBA
Free admission

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