Manuel Delgado – whose essay 'El arte de danzar sobre el abismo' ('The art of dancing on the abyss') remains a key resource for understanding the films of Jacinto Esteva – is the ideal companion with whom to approach the work of this singular Catalan filmmaker. In this talk, Manuel Delgado will discuss the film Lejos de los árboles ('Far from the trees'), which is currently on show at MACBA but will also pay some attention to the character of Esteva himself and the context in which his work was produced. Delgado will be accompanied by Carles Guerra, chief curator at MACBA.

Manuel Delgado is a lecturer at the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Barcelona. He runs the PhD programme in Anthropology of Space and Territory and is a member of the GRECS (Research Group on Social Exclusion and Control) at the University of Barcelona, as well as of the Working Group on the Ethnography of Public Spaces at the Institut Català d'Antropologia. His writings on contemporary anthropology, which deal with public space, urbanism, cinema and iconoclasm, are especially influential. Some of his most recent publications are El espacio público como ideología (2011), La ciudad mentirosa (2010), Sociedades movedizas (2006) and El animal público (1999).

Jacinto Esteva "Lejos de los árboles (Far from the trees)", 1963-1970 (Still)


Wednesday 21 March, at 7.30 pm.
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"Sobre Jacinto Esteva" by Manuel Delgado [in Spanish]
FONS AUDIO #6. Pere Portabella