Tourist enclave par excellence, Montjuïc is a mandatory part of any itinerary through the city. A ‘mountain’ rising above the port, originally it was a military and funerary site, but since the Barcelona International Exposition in 1929 and, above all, after the 1992 Olympic Games, it has become a magnet for mass tourism. At a glance, Montjuïc is an open public space with free access where you can indulge in cultural activities (museums, botanical gardens, castles, stadiums, fountains and sculptural complexes) or practice leisure and sports pursuits. However, all this activity and tourist insanity hide certain invisible practices among its shrubs and bushes. This is an invitation to take a ‘different’ route through Montjuïc, between what is open and what is hidden, between secrets and complicity, when at nightfall the ‘magic mountain’ unfolds its collective and hidden pleasures.

Coordinated by Héctor Acuña

With the support of:
Creative Europe
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Foto: Gaspar N. Justo


SUNDAY 25 NOVEMBER, at 7.30 pm
free. Advance booking required
Participants: 20
Meeting point: The Magic Fountain in Montjuïc, Plaça de Carles Buïgas, 1, Poblesec

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