Seeking to create links between non-Western knowledge, indigenous epistemologies and artistic imagination, the conference proposes an approach based on what Rosi Braidotti calls “non-Western indigenous humanism” and “indigenous knowledge systems”. How are we to interpret the fact that very few institutional networks have solidified around feminist/queer/migrant/poor/decolonial/diasporic humanities? What are the real implications of these deterritorializations for the subject of post-human knowledge and its disciplinary practice? How are we to negotiate the paradoxical confluence that tenses, on one hand, a certain phagocytization of “other” epistemologies by the (Western) academy and on the other the will – or need – of some communities to gain ground in the social sphere to make their demands visible?
These are some of the main issues sought to be discussed through a transdisciplinary approach in the framework of what could be called a “rhizomatic field of contemporary knowledge production”.

With the collaboration of:
Art Globalization Interculturality


FRIDAY 25 OCTOBER, from 10 am to 8 pm.
Meier Auditorium
Admission: free. Inscription here.

10.00-11.00 h

Framework conference: Juan Vicente Aliaga (Polytechnic University of Valencia) and Anna Maria Guasch (University of Barcelona).
11.30-13.30 h
«A River with Standing: Indigenous Epistemologies and Artistic Collaborations». Led by Mercedes Vicente (curator, writer and independent researcher).
«Public Land, Indigenous People, Tourism and Museums in the Time of DIY». Led by Dalia Hernández de la Rosa and María Dolores Barrena Delgado (Solar. Acción Cultural. Sociedad – Lugar – Arte).
«Anti-Colonial Museum Education and Activating Indigenous Knowledges in Arts Museums». Led by Jessica M. Cook (University of Toronto).
«Indigenous Film: Biocentrism, Extinction and Climate Change». Led by Rita Natálio (NOVA University Lisbon and University of São Paulo).
13.30-14.00 h Discussion.

16.00-17.00 h
Framework conference: A people is missing (Kantuta Quirós and Aliocha Imhoff).
Moderated by: Christian Alonso.
17.30-19.30 h
«Indigenous or Global? The Politics of Art-Historical Terminology and Their A-Humanist Modifications». Led by Natasha Lushetich (University of Dundee).
«A Decolonial Approach to an Indigenous Performance Politics». Led by Shanna Ketchum-Heap of Birds (Middlesex University).
«Other Ways of Inhabiting the World: Collaborative Art and Ecosocial Crisis in the Americas». Led by Chiara Sgaramella (Polytechnic University of Valencia).
«Pluriversal Radio: Joining Voices of the Land, Against and Beyond (Neo)Extractivism». Led by Pluriversal Radio (Arts Collective).
19.30-20.00 h Discussion.

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