The seminar seeks to examine the concept of representation and image, and establish the relations between them, exploring the currently evanescent limits of painting as a discipline.

The concept of image should be understood here in its broadest sense, and establish the links between the classic genres of painting (traditionally, the image per se) and the relationship with photography, together with the influence of photography and the cinema on contemporary conceptions of painting.

There is also a need to consider the influence of the new technologies, and in consequence, of the virtual image, which is rapidly propagating a different conception of reality. At the same time, the seminar will look at how the psychology of the image has changed, and the change in its reception and reading by the spectator over the course of the 20th century


The vital organs and the face in the photographs of Cindy Sherman
Joan Copjec.Professor of English and Comparative Literature (University of New York at Buffalo, USA)

The great circular pigments
Perejaume. Artist
The inverted art: Richter's painting as photography
Susan Buck-Morss. Professor of Political Philosophy and Social Theory (Cornell University, New York, USA)

The mutations of the image in the virtual age: from the crystal image to the image-flow
Christine Buci-Glucksmann. Art critic and curator

The images are ersatz. Is it possible not to represent?
Daniel Buren. Artist

Jeff Wall: photography as painting
Thierry de Duve. Critic and art historian