Talking Galleries is an international conference that brings together gallerists and other art world professionals to examine the challenges facing the art community.

This year’s Talking Galleries Symposium revolves around the relationship between art galleries, their audiences, and their methods of working with the artists they represent, with other agents, and among each other. We invite professionals from the sector to present, share and discuss their ideas and experiences with the audience who attends the symposium. This dialogue between presenters and audiences at round tables, presentations, debates and workshops is precisely what makes Talking Galleries special.

Two days of intensive debates that highlight the points of view of gallerists, who are essential agents in the art market. Curators, collectors, art critics and other key figures will also present talks to share their ideas.

The members of the TG committee of experts are: Georgina Adam, Market Editor at large for The Art Newspaper since 2008 and Art Market correspondent for the Financial Times; Dorsey Waxter, co-Director of Van Doren Waxter Gallery in New York and current President of the Art Dealers of America (ADAA); Christian Viveros-Fauné, writer, curator and co-founder of VOLTA; Annamaria Molnar, gallerist specialising in emerging Eastern-European artists and founder of the “Budapest Contemporary” international visitors programme; Moisés Pérez de Albéniz, gallerist and member of the advisory committee of ARCO; and Emilio Álvarez and Carlos Durán, gallerists and co-founders of LOOP Barcelona.

Talking Galleries



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