Museums, as an expression of contemporary architecture, have become powerful visual symbols in the urban fabric of today’s cities. MACBA, which was originally built as part of the city’s urban renewal for the Olympic Games and which reconfigured the Raval neighbourhood, is a paradigmatic example of this phenomenon.

To look at and walk through a museum building is an experience in itself, separate from contemplating the artworks on display. With a view to deepening the dialogue between content and container, the tour Hybridisations. Art and Architecture explores the Museum's DNA and reflects on the importance of architecture in relation to exhibitions.

The tour highlights the constant interplay between artists who interact with the architecture, and the architecture’s efforts to adapt to the technical requirements of some recent arts practices. From the boom in sound art to the spatial invasion of installation art and the more traditional use of exhibition walls, we explore the building and the Collection from a new perspective.

The tour will be accompanied by an activity designed by the artist Jordi Ferreiro, which will allow students to have a physical experience in relation to the architectural space of the Museum.

Hybridisations. Art and architecture



Venue: MACBA
Duration: 75 m
Price group/class: 80 €

For group and education program information please call 93 412 14 13
educacio [at] macba [dot] cat