Roma is title of the record Hidrogenesse began working on after the release of Bestiola in 2009. ‘The idea was to pay homage to ruins and archaeological remains; to old things, the older the better. Because the longer things last the more we like them. Faced with the young, the new, the ephemeral, we wanted to reclaim the old, to prove that antiquities are not only evocative and solemn, but can also be funny and entertaining.’
The recording was completed in the summer of 2014, following a week spent in the Spanish Royal Academy in Rome, and features a piano without electronic instruments. On the last day of their stay at the Academy, Hidrogenesse gave an open-air recital. Now, courtesy of the piano in the Museum for the Maria Canals Competition, we invite them to repeat the performance at MACBA.

Activity organised in collaboration with the Maria Canals International Piano Competition:

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Hidrogenesse: recital de Roma. Photo: Alicia Aguilera


Venue: MACBA Atrium.
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