Gold 20 is a type of golden glass, without gold, recently created by Guardian Industries in Tudela (Navarra). It is used mainly for exterior architecture. Its mechanical properties are identical to those of other products in the SunGuard range, so it is presented as one of the chromatic options of certain types of glass. The golden colour is ornamental.

Gold 20 is also the central element and the title of an artistic project by Ainara Elgoibar, within the context of Experience MACBA. This videographic project narrates the manufacturing process of this type of glass, while recovering the tradition of industrial documentaries, halfway between artistic practice and the documentation of the production process.

Project produced with the support of BCN Produció’13. La Capella, Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and with the collaboration of Guardian Industries.

With the collaboration of:
Tractora S. Coop
With de support of:
Gold 20



Ainara Elgoibar has a degree in Business Studies from the Universidad de Deusto and a degree in Fine Arts from the Universitat de Barcelona. Her main interests are Pop music and the consumerist rituals that surround it, and, more recently, industrial activity.

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