Goierri Konpeti, by Asier Mendizabal and Iñaki Garmendia, suggests a classical anthropological study in narrative form: a group of humans, some young men who work in the factories of the area and don't speak much; specific cultural behaviour whose roots are entrenched in the rituals of the group and their mechanisms of leisure and consumption, their obsession with the world of cars (the rallies in the woods, the tunings and customised fittings in the garage of the country house that the group rents, the road races at night); and a setting, the Goierri, a place loaded with extreme Basque symbolism (blending the rural and the industrial, the coexistence of the Spanish-speaking and Basque-speaking worlds, in a landscape both idyllic and claustrophobic alongside economic prosperity and political tension and polarisation), which quietly accompanies the characters' movements.


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