This year, the course on contemporary art and culture analyses the conditions created by globalisation and, in particular, its impact on art and culture.

The debate on cultural globalisation has usually been posed in terms of identity policies, as a conflict between local and global and, therefore, in relation to the homogenising consequences of a cultural "globalisation": a process of cultural subordination on a world scale. This debate has updated the analysis of the construction of identity, which has been developed by cultural studies around subcultures as forms of antagonism between hegemonic and subordinate positions, thus redefining the traditional opposition of centre and periphery or high culture and popular culture. It has also introduced the concept of hybrid cultures.


This year the following were contributing to the course: Miren Etxezarreta, Ramon Fernández Duran, Jesús Carrillo, Manuel Delgado, Josep Lluís Mateo, Alfred Bosch, Santos Zunzunegui, Catherine David, Ivo Mesquita, Daniel Garcia Andújar, Juan Luis Moraza, Pedro G. Romero, Santi Eraso, Laura Baigorri, Martí Peran, Joan Elíes Adell and Muntadas.