Gestures of the Path opened the 2014–15 season of EXPERIENCE MACBA. In response to its warm reception by the public, we return with this abstract, austere, elegant piece in which a succession of sensual atmospheres unfold through the vigorous architecture of movement. This is art that allows us to look at, inhabit and experience space.

Created and performed by Bebeto Cidra
Music: Gorecki

Bebeto Cidra is a dancer, choreographer and teacher and the director of his own company. In 1994 he won the Best Dancer award at the Sunzanne Della International Dance Competition in Tel Aviv. In 2003, he received an award at the 17th Festival Coreográfico de Madrid in recognition of his career as a choreographer. He works as choreographer and teacher with theatre directors such us Roger Bernat, Xavier Albertí and Albert Boadella (Els Joglars).

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Estrella Damm
Gestures of the Path


Venue: Museum atrium

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To reconstruct the disorder of a possible city. To use the model, not as an element in a project, but as the representation of something that already exists.
Jordi Colomer