The irreversible institutional crisis and the transformation of working practices have led to the slogan Do it yourself. In this new method of production, the subject has lost itself in a hyperactivity of self-exploitation. The result is increasing fatigue, a generalised malaise affecting everyday life. In these circumstances, the challenge is not to get better, as the Do it ideology pretends, but to explore the possibilities of the right to be tired and, therefore, alienated from the programme. Within the intensity of our fatigue, it is important to find a possible route of escape towards a strange redemption: to disappear in the commonplace, to suspend the doing and reinvent death. With these arguments, Martí Peran’s book Indisposición general. Ensayo sobre la fatiga (General Malaise. An Essay on Fatigue) puts forward a new approximation to the analysis of capitalism as a pathogenic phenomenon.

In collaboration with: Editorial Hiru and Fabra i Coats. Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona

Indisposición general. Ensayo sobre la fatiga


Venue: Meier Auditorium

Screening: "Diagnosis balbuceo", Javier Peñafiel, 2015, 13 min. (digital screening).

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