From November 2020 to January 2021

Within the exhibition Action. A provisional history of the 90s, the Circo Interior Bruto (CIB) is engaging in a creative laboratory that will energise and transform the hall at specific times from November 2020 to January 2021.

This laboratory communicates through a Weekly Report in video format that is projected in the exhibition hall. Moreover, the details of the work process can be followed on the blog. Follow the blog and visit the hall each week to see what progress has been made, as well as the new materials.  

You can also participate in different ways online. Keep an eye out for the news that we will be publishing on the website and on social media!

L'Internationale. Our many europes
Circo Interior Bruto




E01 The future of collective work, Marta de Gonzalo and Publio Pérez Prieto

This episode suggests a discussion, based on questions such as: What attitude is required in order to work collectively? How do we have to treat each other? What must we take responsibility for? What emerges from collaborations that doesn’t emerge from individual work? What performative answers to these questions occur to you?

Weekly Report 1

E02 Belief system creation

Send us a video describing a positive postcard from the future to externscib [at] macba [dot] cat.

E03 We’ll remove the cork from our heads, Rafael Lamata

The classic question of the human civilisation has always been “How can we create a future that is better than the present?” Until the 21st century, where the question now is “Shouldn’t the present always be better than the future?” After all, it is what we always have. We only have the present. Sometimes more present, sometimes less present. But we can only live in the present. It’s impossible to live in the future. The future, in general, can only be thought about. The future is a mental conundrum. So we are going to look at how we exercise our minds. In this chapter, we are going to suggest some exercises to train human creativity that can be used in the future.

Weekly Report 2

E04 El Fo, Jaime Vallaure

El Fo is a projection of the future from the past. Not the close past; the distant past. A past that is almost measureless helps build a future that we will never live. The greater the distance between the future and the present, the more future we will have as a species.

Weekly Report 3


EO5 Here we are and now, Belén Cueto

Weekly Report 4

EO6 Anniversaries, Rafael Suárez

What will become of me?

Weekly Report 5

EO7 The dangers, Fran Winberg

The future can be dangerous. How can we know the meaning of that which does not yet exist, without thinking the worst? How can we interpret the future from adversity? Is it possible to speak of adversity in terms of positive factors?

Talking about the future should be a discovery of what has brought us to that situation, the causes of the future.

Let’s approach this from the future: what reasons and beliefs have brought us to this point? What things did we do, which of them have permanent value and where could they be different? What will be the foundation upon which we are going to reconstruct the future? Can we re-build it on the base of adversity, on the dangers? Does the projection of the future respond to self-interest? Can we talk about the future without indulging in speculation? Will there be a higher notion in the future of what constitutes real self-interest? What would be the future behaviour that would benefit the whole? Should we speak from the future pedagogically, or let others think and speculate for themselves?

Weekly Report 6


EO8 There is no future, Jesús Acevedo

The existence of the future is doubtful, to say the least. Only a few specific phenomena, such as pension plans, allow us to intuit its existence. While we await confirmation that the future is real (or not), the present offers wonderful possibilities for asking ourselves why the future is so important to us.

On February 6, 2021 the last performance of The Future will be presented at the museum. It will consist of 8 audio-visual episodes that the collective is preparing on the general subject of the future.