Flying Pigs takes us on a journey around catharsis. We plunge into the chaos of matter and intensify the senses in a quest to attain a fleeting moment of beauty and of pleasure. It is a path that requires effort and renunciation, as a result of which emotions are inevitably sacrificed. These emotions stem from past parameters that bind us to our former identities and block us in a specific manner that we have to break down or undermine in order to freely attain the desired form.

This work draws its vitality from traditional, sacred, and artistic forms that have their roots in the collective imaginary, such as folk festivals, concerts and night clubs, family gatherings, religious festivities, traditions such as the pig slaughter in Majorca and works of art like the Sistine Chapel. Singing and dancing have always formed part of different social and cultural contexts, acting like mirrors that trigger the transition between inside and outside, where flesh and spirit gain sensory, intangible first-hand knowledge of a new transformation, which is the essence of any act of creation.

In Flying Pigs these all of these influences are juxtaposed in a dream-like fashion based on individual experience, so as to enable the emission of new images. The result is an interplay of poetic transfers of images, sounds, and concepts that come together and flow into the cathartic act of delivering an emotional outburst to the audience.

Director and choreographer: Eulàlia Bergadà Serra
Performers: Aloma Ruiz, Anna Hierro, Eulàlia Bergadà, Carlos Gallardo, Ferran Echegaray, Javier Cárcel, Ariadna Montfort
Original music: Aloma Ruiz, Carlos Gallardo, Ferran Echegaray and Javier Cárcel
Dramaturge: Tanya Beyeler
Set design and wardrobe: Joana Martí
Lighting: Ganecha Gil

Main sponsor of the activities:
Estrella Damm
Flying Pigs


SATURDAY 2 MAY 2015, 7 pm
Venue: Convent dels Àngels exhibition space.
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