A documentary series for television in seven parts, written and directed by Christoph Dreher and produced by Rotraut Pape for the German channel ZDF which reviews and analyses the history of the video clip from interviews with groups and professionals who play a decisive part in the creation and production of music videos, and cultural theoreticians.

Christoph Dreher is a director and producer for the Arte and ZDF channels and author of the TV series Lost in Music, Pop Odysee and various documentaries on popular music and culture.

Fantastic Voyages, a cosmology of the music video, is an initiative of Platoniq, organised by the Goethe Institut Inter Nationes and MACBA. It is part of Electronic arts and media cultures, a series of lectures and screenings related to the history and evolution of electronic art, digital genres and the forms of cultural self-organisation which have been programmed since last November in different public spaces in Barcelona. MACBA presents the series as an extension of the Good Vibes, resistance politics and musical cultures programme and in the context of the exhibition Sonic Process, a new geography of sounds.


TV and Popular Culture
Lecture held by Christoph Dreher.
Goethe Institut. 19.30 h. Manso 24-28, Barcelona.

Chapter 0
A cosmology of the Music Video
Olaf Karnik, Nick Cave, Markus Popp, Johann Glazer, John Hillcoat, Daniel Miller, Steve Blame, David Dorell...
Video clips:
The Buggles, Video killed the Radiostar
Michael Jackson, Billy Jean
Grace Jones, Slave to The Rhythm
Massive Attack, karma koma

Chapter 1
Heike-Melba Fendel, Slavoj Zizek.
Video clips:
Aphex Twin, Come to Daddy
U.N.K.L.E., Rabbit in Your Headlights
Radiohead, Karma Police

Chapter 2
Space is the place
Diedrich Diederichsen, Kodwo Eshun
Video clips:
David Bowie, Space Odity
M/A/R/R/S, Pump up the Volume
Residents, Earth vs. the Flying Saucers

Chapter 3
Befreite Bilder
Entrevista: Chris Darke
Video clips:
Oval, Schöner Wissen
T Rokoko Rot, Telema
Antonelli Electr., Don't Want Nobody Else But You
Coldcut, Natural Rhythm

Chapter 4
Short Stories
Josef Vogl
Video clips:
Prodigy, Smack My Bitch up
Björk, Bachelorette
Daft Punk, Revolution 909
Air, All I Need

Chapter 5
Wunderbare Welten
Gertrud Koch, Siegfried Zielinski
Video clips:
Björk, Joga,
Korn, Freak on a Leash,
Marilyn Manson, Dope Show

Chapter 6
Body Rock
Interviews: Kaja Silverman, Edward George
Video clips:
Run DMC/Aerosmith, Walk this Way
Michael Jackson, Beat It
Aphex Twin, Windowlicker
Kraftwerk, Music Non Stop